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The Loved Ones

  • Director: Sean Byrne
  • Release Date:
  • Writers: Sean Byrne
  • Run Time: 84
  • Genre: Horror
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Tagline: You don have to die to go to hell

Review: Its no surprise that Sean Byrnes relentlessly blood-soaked The Loved Ones won the Cadillac Peoples Choice Award at TIFFs midnight screening. The young Australian writer/director has since been hard-pressed for free time as many in Hollywood have been vying for his attention. Since the movies premiere in Toronto, Byrne has been making frequent trips to LA and has been invited to speak with top execs. On this particular trip, Byrnes schedule has been tightly booked from morning until night on every single day thus far, including weekends. For those who haven seen The Loved Ones, it is an indie-horror treat. Lets just say, if Carrie from "Carrie" and Jigsaw from "Saw" "wanted to play a game," this movie would be the perfect compromise between their approaches. What results is an anti-John-Hughes movie that offers a cynical, frightening re-imagining of a high-school prom. The Loved Ones The movie benefits from a cast which is in full-tune with its director. And unlike many horror movies today, Byrnes even has something to say. The movies bizarre title provokes us to think about the consequences of unrequited love and, more importantly, the real victims. Of course life would be easier if anyone we fell in love with immediately felt the same way. But in The Loved Ones, love is played as more of a cruel game for all characters. It may be a bit unusual for American moviegoers to see a horror movie carried by actors who speak with Australian accents. Although Peter Jackson was able to earn instant cult-status with his blood-splasher Dead Alive through similar New Zealand accents. Jackson and Byrne already share some in common. Like Jackson, Byrne seems to be fascinated with shock-horror, fantasy, and even the supernatural. There is also an indie feel to Byrnes work reminiscent of Jacksons earlier low-budget films. So long as the young and talented Byrne is making movies, he just might have to get used to spending more time in Hollywood than at home.

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