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The Grifters

  • Director: Stephen Frears
  • Release Date: 4 January 1991 (USA)
  • Run Time: 110 min
  • Country: USA
  • Genre: Crime , Drama , Thriller  
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Watch movie: The Grifters (1990)

Tagline: Seduction. Betrayal. Murder. Who's Conning Who?

Trivia: Sissy Spacek auditioned for the role of Lilly.  

Goofs: Continuity: At the end of the movie, when Lilly picks up the briefcase full of money to flee Roy's hotel room, several bills can be seen sticking out of the briefcase. However, in a previous shot, where she closed the briefcase and set it on the floor, these bills were not visible.  

"Lily works for a bookie, placing bets to change the odds at the track. When her son is hospitalized after an unsuccessful con job and resultant beating, she finds that even an absentee parent has feelings for her child. This causes her own job to go wrong as well. Each of them faces the down side of the grift."

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