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The American

  • Director: Anton Corbijn
  • Release Date:
  • Writers: Rowan Joffe, Martin Booth
  • Run Time: 105
  • Genre: Drama, Thriller
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Review: The movie American is dubbed as the James Bond style detective and mystery movie with similar soundtrack action movie. The character central to the movie theme is a trained killer and lands up a job for making a special assassination rifle. The character lands up in an Italian town for the purpose. The adult sex scenes add to the evolution of the movie .The movie lighting, music and scenery are simply fabulous. Creative landscape, interior shooting, are solid additions to story and action performances. The movie is not all that highly stressful and tense like other thrillers but has own feel according to the story plot being unique. The marketing and branding promotions are simply superb giving the movie greater leverage with audience. The sequential action, thrilling capturing scenes employ good coverage from storyline with performance of star cast which makes it lively. The development of movie till the end is captivating. The movie is built in great manner and style; the audience would be interested in watching more than just once. The ability of movie in being interesting across various societies and groups makes a special appearance on the screen. It could well be on its way to an award at the Oscars.

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