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Like Crazy

  • Director: Drake Doremus
  • Release Date: Oct 2011
  • Run Time: 89
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
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Movie: Like Crazy  

Just when I had thought I had seen too many love stories to ever get an emotional reaction, I watched Like Crazy and couldn’t help but feel rather mellow and touched. This movie definitely tugged at my heart strings, and I am no romantic.

Like Crazy stars Anton Yelchin as Jacob and Felicity Jones as Anna. Jacob is an American with dreams of becoming a famous designer whereas Anna is an intelligent British Writer who goes to America for further studies. It is while they are at college in Los Angeles that the two meet. Both become instantly attracted to each other and Anna boldly makes the first move.

It is no surprise that the two instantly get romantically involved, like two souls meant to be together. Anna spends the entire summer with Jacob, where they get lost in each other’s love. So lost, that she forgets about her student visa expiry, and overstays her legally approved period in US. She goes back home to Britain and when she returns, she is denied entry, straining the love that had blossomed between the two. This is the dilemma that constitutes the movie; two lovebirds whose undying love for each other is tried and tested by the challenge of distance. The plot then proceeds to show us how they cope with this challenge as well as mistakes they make in the process. Like Crazy tends to make the viewer question whether love is ever truly enough.

What separates Like Crazy from yet another love story is the intensity and realness of the emotions portrayed by Yelchin and Jones. The two were an excellent choice of actors and throw themselves fully into their role. Seeing the two in action will undoubtedly bring back memories of the viewer’s first true love. This movie makes for great entertainment, as it is tastefully romantic, not the typical overdone love story with an unbelievable happily-ever-after plot. Perhaps the movie is credible due to the fact it was inspired by the writer’s true experience with long-distance love in his younger days. This is a great movie for all fans and even non-fans of romantic stories out there.

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