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Innocence of Muslims

  • Director: Sam Bacile
  • Release Date: Sep 2012
  • Run Time: 107 - uncut
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Movie: Innocence of Muslims  

This is the Muhammad Movie by Sam Becile that caused a bunch of savage Muslims to kill United States ambassador, J Christopher Stevens. The film claims Islam is a lie and Muhammad was a pedophile. All rights to Sam Becile.

This is a low-budget film, which portrays the Muslim prophet Muhammad as hypersexual and a child molester.

In Innocence of Muslims, a bearded, fake-accented actor playing Muhammad cavorts with women, asks a donkey if he likes girls and is portrayed as a pedophile. Even if the movie is actually loosely based on parts of Islamic religious text in the Quran, from having multiple wives to marrying young, this Western, heavily bigoted interpretation would be found offensive in the Muslim world and elswhere.

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