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Final Destination 5

  • Director: Steven Quale
  • Release Date: Aug 2011
  • Run Time: 95
  • Genre: Horror
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Movie: Final Destination 5  

Repeat the Lesson until You Learn Death's Rules

Death has a way of telling us that it will get its due- ultimately. And so it goes in Final Destination 5. Sometimes we differ with those among us who don’t see it that way. The consequences can be extremely dark for them. In the first Final Destination, the original, there were those now-famous school kids who survive the explosion of Flight 180. That lucky premonition of one adolescent saved his school chums. But the survivors luck runs out as we saw, month-by-month, with each dying in some exquisitely horrible way. Somehow, the fickle must have thought the survivors had cheated death by living through the Flight 180 carnage. But then we see again, how death finds them all.

This time, 12 years later, the grimmest of reapers comes for the luckless in the form of a coroner played by Candyman star Tony Todd. Death comes to collect and to enforce the rules of the universe.

For being the fifth in the series, Final Destination 5 demonstrates some humor and energetic flow. Some have even claimed a complete reanimation of this horror brand. That is no small fete when audiences are likely to show up believing they’ve seen it all and are more likely to attend to be proven wrong than to be impressed. Director Steven Quale nails down the demise of the seemingly lucky survivors of Death’s latest trick.

The formula was first spawned in the Wong-Morgan formula offered by the “X-Files” and Quale delivers in good solid style. The sets are contraptive but effective in finishing off the cast. There is a sense that the cast members are a bit naïve about Death, the rules, and their chances.

The series of Final Destinations has been up and down. For me, number five and numero uno were the best of the bunch. I was surprised there was a “Final” 5 because, after all, number four was called “THE Final Destination”. But who’s counting? Bring on “Final” number 6 and I am there. It’s a winning formula and now that “Final” 5 has revived the brand, investors can’t go wrong by rolling the dice once more!

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